Samuel Green

Samuel Green is married and has five children. He became a Christian while at university and has been involved in various Christian ministries. Since 1999 he has worked with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) as a campus evangelist and Islamic Engagement Director. He is also a writer for the Answering Islam website and an Anglican Interfaith Chaplain. Engaging with Islam is one of Samuel's main interests and he does this through writing, training, evangelism, lectures and debates. He and his family attend an Anglican church. Samuel has degrees in theology (MTC) and chemical engineering (UNSW). He is a marriage counsellor with Prepare/Enrich.

Samuel has written the Engaging with Islam training course.

The Bible clearly reveals that Jesus is without sin, and the Qur'an and Hadith also support this. The scriptures that some people think show that Jesus was a sinner do not show this at all when they are read in context. The word of God has just one message regarding Jesus' righteousness - he was sinless. Jesus is like Adam, a man. But he is different to Adam in that he did not sin. Jesus lived the life that Adam should have. Adam disobeyed in the luxury of the garden but Jesus submitted perfectly in his trials on earth. Jesus was never given any special privileges but was required to obey the same standards as us. Jesus lived the life that you and I should have and he did it for us. For just as Adam's sin has affected us all so too Jesus' righteousness can affect us.

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