Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D., is president of American Vision and has authored more than twenty books including: The Bounds of Love: An Introduction to God's Law of Liberty; Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice; God versus Socialism; The Return of the Village Atheist; and Jesus v. Jerusalem. Dr. McDurmon is also featured in several audio and video lectures on various topics of economics, apologetics, and church history. He has served with American Vision since 2008. Joel and his wife have four sons and one daughter.

The proper understanding of human thinking and reasoning, then, must begin with a proper understanding of creation, and therefore of the Creator. In other words, the proper understanding of logic requires a proper understanding of theology.

Biblical Worldview 2016 conference

Dr McDurmon was the only speaker at the 2016 Biblical Worldview Conference. There were nearly 5 hours of talks and they are available for free download here:

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